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About Heidi Viles
Over 20 Years of professional training Experience

A professional pilates instructor and personal trainer with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Passionate about helping individuals attain their performance and fitness goals.

Her holistic approach encompasses nutrition and health, smart training techniques and performance mentoring, with the ultimate goal of educating individuals to develop mind body awareness and know how to train themselves.

What Makes Me Different
My Philosophy

Through her own personal training, Heidi realised that through a combination of different fitness disciplines, results could be gained far faster than by solely using one method of training – no matter what your goal – be it sports performance or weight loss. Heidi’s training methods are unique incorporating pilates with functional strength work, ensuring you become your strongest, healthiest, happiest self. She focuses on correct technique, posture and muscle awareness to help clients achieve a better outcome in their fitness training and habitual lifestyle. Heidi believes that maintaining a strong core is at the heart of every movement.

I know how it feels to be overweight, unfit and injured. When I was 14 years old, I weighed 14 stone. Exercise transformed my life, and I genuinely love to motivate, educate and inspire my clients to feel the same.

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My Qualifications
Heidi is highly qualified and is a GB triathlon silver medalist at the 2004

She holds the following qualifications:

  • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork
  • Fully qualified Equipment and Mat Pilates instructor with Alan Herdman Pilates Teacher Training Course
  • REPS Level 3 Advanced Trainer
  • Association of British Cycling Coach
  • Premier Training and Development Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy
  • Olympic Lifting Coach - Optimal Life Fitness
  • Kettlebell Advanced Instructor – Optimal Life Fitness
  • “Thump” Boxing for Fitness Instructor (Fitness Australia Accredited) Level 1 and Advanced
  • Johnny G Spinning Instructor
  • Association of British Cycling Coach


  • 2020 World Indoor Rowing Champion (LWT 40-49)
  • 2019 -  Gold medal at the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2019 in the 40-49 LWT Category
  • 2015 -  South West Road Race Champion
  • 2004 - Silver medalist at the European Triathlon Championships
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  • Heidi underwent her own transformation by adopting simple lifestyle changes – eating healthily and exercising more  

    "Up to the age of 18, I was unhealthy, I had low self-esteem, no confidence and I was unhappy. My transformation gave me greater quality of life in all respects, and I want to help others to do the same."
Heidi and Pilates
My Philosophy

Heidi first became interested in pilates when a hip injury  forced her to stop cycling.  Heidi found that pilates not only helped her with her injury rehabilitation, but completely changed her body shape and awareness, and approach to training, for the better. Inspired by the impact pilates had on her both physically and mentally, Heidi decided to train to become a pilates instructor with KarenPearce at the Pilates Studio, Taunton, affiliated with Alan Herdman.  Alan trained with Carola Trier and BobFitzgerald, who were taught by Joseph Pilates himself.   Alan introduced pilates to the UK in the1970s and has written many books on the subject and is a highly sought after international presenter.  I was assessed by him as part of my training.My training consisted of learning and practicing the entire repertoire of apparatus and matwork exercises taught at the studio, whilst also observing and teaching, under supervision, for a year.  There were numerous lectures on anatomy and physiology, and we covered a variety of common neurological ailments, conditions and injuries.  

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