Small Group Training

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special conditions and injury rehabilitation.

Same focus on technique and form as much as effort.  Small class sizes, expert instruction, individual attention and hands-on correction.

Functional strength and conditioning class

This class takes the principles of Pilates, which focus on your core, posture and correct movements, a step further and combine them with more dynamic moves such as squats, lunges, rotation and stability exercises to challenge the key muscle groups needed in stabilisation.  The aim is to build strength and improve your performance without breaking down your body lifting excessively heavy weights.  

You will work in different planes of motion which will allow you to become more functional and stronger in everyday life.  Unilateral work will improve your structural balance and address any asymmetries, which is critical in injury prevention and moving pain free, helping you get more from your training.  The classes will challenge you to become more aware of the way you move.  When each movement feels connected to your body as a whole you can

·      Access  more potential strength

·      Increase efficiency

·      Stabilise supporting muscles and joints better

·      Move more freely and comfortably


Equipment such as kettlebells, the TRX suspension trainer will be used to challenge you further and add variety to the workout.


 This dynamic class is my intermediate/advanced fitness class that promotes improved strength, cardio fitness and weight loss.  You will be guided through HIT workouts, strength training, body weight and cardio intervals including boxing training routine with a range of functional equipment including kettlebells and the TRX suspension trainer.  Class sizes are kept small to ensure everyone works to their own limits and exercises can be modified where necessary.  

You will burn fat, build muscular strength, and boost cardiovascular fitness.




Be challenged by the instability of this intense bodyweight-based workout.  You will work hard to maintain your position throughout each exercise, engaging more muscles to do so and burning more calories as a result. You will also work on getting the right posture and alignment, with lots of individual attention from the Trainer.

The workout is demanding but varied.  We warm up using Pilates techniques to prepare the stabilising muscles, and get you ready for the more demanding circuit-based exercises to come.  The entire body will be challenged, strengthening the local and global muscles together to improve posture, improve strength and develop muscle tone.  

This session teaches your brain and body to work together to make strength and ability increases more functional than Mat Pilates sessions.  It will give you a platform to develop postural alignment, strength, endurance and muscular balance for the real world.  The Mat Pilates sessions will give you the understanding of how to activate and use core muscles incorrect alignment, and these sessions will challenge that understanding by making it more functional.  Expect to be pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, rotating, bending and balancing.  

Being stronger and fitter doesn’t come from focusing on individual muscles but from the ability of the body to perform a wide range of movements powerfully, efficiently, fluidly and safely.  You will improve muscular balance, stability, strength and endurance.  

Group Size

4-6 people

About the service

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Class Difficulty
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  • Overall time
    45 minutes
  • Group size
  • Price
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Benefits of Small Group Training


1.    More personal attention – While Group Exercise offers many benefits, the instructors are not always able to see and correct each individual class member.

2.    More economical – Personal Training provides the most personal attention and greatest opportunity to succeed. Some people, however, may find that SGT fits into their budget better and stillgives them the attention they need.

3.    Variety – By working with a knowledgeable fitness professional, your workouts will change/evolve as you progress, preventing hitting a plateau and boredom.

4.    Camaraderie and Fun – Let’s face it, workouts love company. Sharing the workout enhances the experience for participants.

5.    Motivation – Having someone exercising right beside you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own.

6.    Support – Both the Trainer and other participants are there to help you get through the challenges of the workout and the obstacles in life.

7.    Greater focus – There’s no time to let your mind wander with a Trainer keeping tight programming and watching your every move.

8.    Adherence – Research shows that members that are involved in programs are more likely stick with it. With all of the previously listed benefits, how could you not want to keep comingback?

9.    Results – When you stick with a well constructed program, you will get the results.

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