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WHat makes Heidi different.

Heidi’s training methods are unique and will ensure you become your strongest, healthiest, happiest self.  She focuses on correct technique, posture and muscle awareness to help clients achieve a better outcome in their fitness training and habitual lifestyle. Heidi believes that posture and mind body awareness is at the heart of every movement.

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My Ethos
All you need is the desire and determination, I will do the rest.

Heidi Viles is an experienced and professional pilates instructor and personal trainer, passionate about helping individuals attain their performance and fitness goals. Her holistic approach encompasses nutrition and health, smart training techniques and performance mentoring, with the ultimate goal of educating individuals to develop mind body awareness and know how to train themselves.

  • Fully qualified REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Association of British Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Equipment and Mat Pilates Instructor
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My Clients

"Heidi is an inspiring trainer, her enthusiasm for fitness and well-being is infectious and although sessions are challenging, they are always well planned, tailored to the group or individual and fun. Her Pilates expertise is relevant to all her sessions, focusing on posture and avoiding injuries. My strength, self-confidence and fitness have all improved thanks to Heidi and I’d highly recommend her sessions regardless of your fitness level."

"I decided to enrol in some coaching with Heidi as over the past couple of years taking up road cycling from a mountain biking background, I felt I’d hit a bit of plateau with my top end effort, stats and motivation. Working with Heidi was originally to help increase my overall aerobic fitness & recovery management (which has lacked in attention over the time) But Heidi has identified so much more!! The Wattbike has been invaluable in identifying weakness in my right leg.  A whole host of possibilities are now getting looked into to identify the strange instability I have in my lower back! So with Heidi’s superb knowledge of anatomy and her experience we are proving to be making progress. "

"The one-to-one online sessions and mentoring have been invaluable to me. After working with Heidi for a month, my strength and stability has improved enough to allow me to run again - for longer and much more often, without any pain!"

“Heidi is a great instructor. I have been seeing her weekly for strength and conditioning  over the last few months and have noticed a great improvement in my technique and  self confidence. Highly recommended ++”

“I have found working with Heidi incredibly challenging but ultimately rewarding. It has made a massive difference to my cycling and a massive difference to my overall fitness. I only wish I had started this sort of training in my 30's not my 60's!"

“My emotional balance has been restored along with greater energy levels and physical strength. My endurance has vastly improved and my confidence is greater. My mind is calmer and I am more in control of my thoughts.Heidi has guided and initiated a process which has led me into a far more rounded state of balance. And I’m extremely excited by and grateful for the process.I’d not before now addressed any psychological/emotional issues via the body - but it most definitely has worked. I’m amazed."

“I’ve been plagued with a number of aches and pains which has come from poor posture and incorrect use of my muscles when out on my road bike. Already in 5 weeks I have noticed a big change in the way I cycle and I feel stronger and more confident on my bike. I would recommend Heidi’s services for anyone who is struggling with pain or discomfort whilst out on their bike."

“I’ve been training with Heidi over the last few months, during this time I’ve seen a great improvement in my cycling, which has obviously come from my strength and conditioning work with Heidi, always has a smile on her face and great encouragement!Thank you very much Heidi”

"Heidi has been my Personal Trainer for 3 1/2 years. She has the ability to motivate and has improved my core strength with only the minimum of kettle weights at my home. The one hour session I have with Heidi makes me feel energised and focused enough to train on my own with each week's session being different."

"Through joining in weekly online s&c classes and having some tailored exercises to focus on in my own time, Heidi has helped me to correct poor posture and unhelpful habits my body had got into. The tightness in my hips and back has completely gone and my training has become so much easier now that I’m moving correctly. I feel much more positive about my training and haven’t had any injuries or sciatica."

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